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MUNA Convention 2018

Children's rides - CamAli

During the convention, keep your children engaged and occupied with fun activities provided by CamAli-- Kids Ride . There will be different types of rides available for the kids throughout the days-- Saturday and Sunday.


Ummah Cultural Group- is a North America base Muslim cultural group. They performed many cultural events in Social , dawah organization , street & children fairs. Ex Penjeri's director Dr Ataul Osmani organize Ummah cultural group. Ummah Children c

Bazaar (Trade Show)

We believe that economic activity is vital for the development of any community. Not surprisingly, one of the main events in the Convention is the "MUNA Bazaar (Trade Show)". More than 100 vendors and businesses participate in the MUNA Bazaar. P

Children's Program

Children's program will be provided for the registered children at the MUNA Convention 2018 from July 7 - 7, 2018. Program Highlights includes Children Talent Show and Qirat Competition. Various other activities will be available both on Saturday and

MUNA Convention

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